Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stop Showing Off Ya Muscle Bound Freak

I have said it before and I will say I it again. I would really like to become a fan of Doc Savage but how can I take him seriously when his shirts rip everytime he fights some monster or other dangerous creature? The pants, however, never even get dirty.

So why not make ALL your shirts out of the same material as the pants, Doc Savage??? Those pants never rip but the shirts last all of ten seconds. Is it ego, Doc Savage? Do you want the ladies to see your buff upper body after you pull a dead crocodile (that you just wrestled) into your boat and then ooo and awwww over your shirtless achievement?

This is the exact reason why only one Doc Savage movie was made decades ago. Since then he has been all but exiled to the adventure character wasteland. You would think we would/should be seeing his third sequel by now.

Maybe the bean counters in Hollywood looked at the price of shirt replacement for such movies and decided it was too much of a cost to absorb into the film's budget.


M. D. Jackson said...

Cal! Look beyond the ripped shirt! The ripped shirt is like Sherlock Holmes' deerstalker cap. It's a product of the illustrator. James Bama came up with it and used it in all his cover paintings and it has stuck.

Take a look at the covers of the original pulps and you'll see him with his shirt intact.

The reason there was only one movie made was because the studio didn't get it and tried to turn it into camp, like the Batman tv series. It just didn't work.

When Shane Black comes out with his big-budget Doc Savage movie in a couple of years (fingers crossed) you'll see!

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

He must buy his pants at the same place as The Hulk.

If you want indestructible white shirts, I suggest you talk to Jamie Hyneman.

david_b said...

With the Hulk mention, ya beat me to it..

No one ever says boo about the Hulk always ending up with purple pants.., and they survive more so than his shirt ever does.

DrGoat said...

Totally with M.D. on this one. Couldn't have said it better.

Kal said...

It's just one of those pop culture buggaboos that gets to me and always has. I am sure that I will be the first one to cheer on a Doc Savage movie.

DrGoat said...

And hopefully they won't screw it up. Can't come up with a good star for it yet. Maybe the guy from Hell on Wheels. Needs some thought.

Kelly Sedinger said...

I think that Starfleet Command later bought up all the fabric to make Captain Kirk's shirts.