Friday, September 27, 2013

Movies I Don't Need To See To Believe - 'Truck Stop Women'

I loves me some Ice Road Truckers and when I saw this poster over at the Haunted Spookshow I had to talk more about Truckin' and these truck stop women.
It's because of the way they dressed and talked on the CB Radios that distracted the other drivers. There were reckless with my cargo and were always shooting at decent folks. I HAD to let those girls go. Who knew they would go crazy. That stretch of I-90 really changes a person.
Nice to see that SOMEONE capitalized on that Trucking craze that swept the nation for all of ten seconds in the 70s. Remind me to tell you one day of a little comic book call US 1. Oh it's a trip and a half good buddy.
If you really want an insanely detailed look at this most bizarre of comic series then you need to go HERE and follow I-Mockery's take on the whole insane concept.
BJ and the Bear
I watched this intro to the insanely stupid episode of BJ and the Bear and wondered how I could ever have watched this crap and enjoy it. I just finished scanning through a TWO PARTER where Slim Pickens plays an evil sheriff that keeps good Trucker Greg Evigan from delivering a load of EGGS with 7 hot female models/truckers in wife beater t-shirts. It's too bizarre to believe.

And check out how long the opening to the show is. That took forever to end. We get the concept. We don't need to hear a life story while a grown man drives around with a monkey dressed in little baby clothing. Is there a diaper change involved as there are with most monkey owners?

Greg Evigan stars as B.J. (Billie Joe) McKay, a professional freelance itinerant trucker who traveled the country's highways in a red and white Kenworth K-100 cab over semi truck with his pet chimpanzee, Bear (named after Bear Bryant, the famed football coach for Alabama, explaining the chimp's choice of headwear). He was constantly harassed by Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo (Claude Akins, who eventually spun off onto his own show, The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo). Ben Cooper appeared in an episode of B.J. and the Bear and continued his "Waverly" character in The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. Other episodes dealt with B.J. uncovering or getting mixed up with crime in the area and a local resident—usually, a young, beautiful woman—appealing to the trucker to help.

In 1981, when the show returned from hiatus, B.J. had settled down to run Bear Enterprises, a trucking company based in Los Angeles. His nemesis was Rutherford T. Grant (Murray Hamilton), the corrupt head of the state's Special Crimes Action Team, who was a silent partner in a competing trucking company. Because of Grant's harassment, B.J. was unable to hire experienced truckers, and he was forced to hire seven beautiful young female truckers, consisting Grant's daughter Cindy (Sherilyn Wolter), twins, Teri and Geri (Candi and Randi Brough), no-nonsense Angie (Sheila Wills), Samantha (Amanda Horan Kennedy), Callie (Linda McCullough) and a busty blonde nicknamed "Stacks" (Judy Landers). The episode was a two-parter appropriately called "B.J. and the Seven Lady Truckers".



Merchandising?? They had merchandising?


Dr. Theda said...

As a kid we really enjoyed "Sheriff Lobo".... cool post good Sir Kal

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I've read the first two issues of "US-1" and would love to catch up on the subsistent stories.

Some other "trucking" movies: "Riding with Death", "Convoy", "Over the Top" and "Smokey in the Bandit".

Kelly Sedinger said...

My 8-year-old self thought that stuff was awesome.

My 42-year-old self wants to go back in time and beat the crap out of my 8-year-old self.

DrGoat said...

A B-show, but I was glad to see Claude Akins making some money on TV. He was a great character actor.

Kal said...

You are right Kelly. I had to scan through the two parter I saw. But I loved it as a kid as well as Smokey and the Bandit but it let me down as an adult.

Kal said...

Erik, you need to follow the link and read I-Mockery and their take on the whole series. I miss that guys' stuff.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I made sure to bookmark the link so I could check it out later. Appreciate the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Here's a little something for you to get your trucker on...