Saturday, September 28, 2013

New To The Collection Of Cool

The Crime Syndicate is my favorite team of villains from DC's Golden Age. It's fun to see what would happen if the world's greatest heroes turned evil. In fact they are the head of the latest DC Event - Forever Evil - where they kill the Justice League (so they say) and gather the world's supervillains to either run with them or die like all the heroes will once the Syndicate gets done with them. It's a cool idea but I have to read the entire series to see if it pays off in the end.
Ultraman possesses, essentially, the same Kryptonian super powers as Superman. The only difference being in the names of some of his abilities (super strength is called Ultra strength, super vision is called Ultra vision, etc). His other powers are flight, heat vision (which he often uses to intimidate or kill people), x-ray vision, and invulnerability. However, Superman has noted during a fight with Ultraman that Ultraman constantly killing his opponents in their first confrontations actually made him weaker than Superman, as he simply eliminated his enemies upon encountering them as they were still getting used to their powers, while Superman fought them as they continued to get stronger and thus had to improve himself, putting Ultraman at a disadvantage when facing Superman's ability to think tactically.
In his latest incarnation Ultraman snorts Kryptonite which only increases his powers but he is vulnerable to sunlight which has the reverse effect.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Picked up some Crisis On Infinite Earths volumes recently with the vintage Crime Syndicate- loved Ultraman in Final Crisis

Kal said...

The idea of Luthor being the only hero on his world is interesting too. Of course you have seen the Crisis on Two Earths animated feature. That Ultraman is just a thug.