Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Minion Factory Produces G.I. JOE - Part One - COBRA

Once again Phil Postma nails the characters and adds that little bit extra by drawing these ones as action figure backing cards. Done is a style that would attract ANY age collector to the toys (which would also be wildly successful if created from these designs) he get's right to what makes the GI JOE Universe so great. It's all the characters and the balance of good and evil. Plus no one dies or can hit anything they are aiming at. Sure Cobra Commander is an idiot but he looks great. I guess the two aren't mutually exclusive.

What a great mix of lunatics. You would think that by putting their evil little minds together they could come up with something REALLY EVIL to do to the world and actually SEE the whole thing to completion and success. I know that it's not fun if the bad guys win but I would have liked to see it happen just ONCE, even in a fantasy dream sequence. They ALMOST had a win with Serpentor but Cobra Commander became a jealous whiney baby and messed up the whole plan. He can't even take the win if he can't also have all the credit. Now THAT is my kind of crazy.

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JBond said...

Gadzooks that's a great Mindbender!