Tuesday, October 1, 2013

League Of Extraordinary Bloggers - Whaddaya Want??

Of all the figures I want in my collection it may sound strange to admit that the Oscar Goldman from the Six Million Dollar Man line is the most coveted. He was Steve Austin's and Jamie Summer's boss on the show. Wings reminded me that he played the same character on two networks when the Six Million Dollar Woman moved to NBC.

For a TV doll, this one really looked just like actor Richard Anderson which was a rare thing for the time. The coolest accessory included, of course, was the 'exploding briefcase'. Depending on how you opened it, it would either show papers or a burned out case. This to me was beyond cool. And just look at that plaid jacket and turtleneck sweater - the height of 70s fashion in one figure! Since when do they make a figure of a hero's BOSS? He also came with one of the first blue tooth headsets as you can see here.

I can't tell you the number of times I saw this commercial as a kid. We were just back from Europe and I was still stinging from the loss of my childhood toy collection. I was 12. I thought maybe it was time to let them go. So I let Oscar pass me by. I was 25 before I started collecting again and Oscar had long since left store shelves only I never forgot about him.

About once a month I bid on one of these on EBay but it always exceeds my limit or I get poached at the last minute. This is punishment for the time when I passed up an Oscar Goldman for only 40 dollars. I remember the box being a little beat up so I walked away from the comic/thrift store and immediately regretting it. It's a cool little shop in Airdrie outside of Calgary. They guy must have visited some flea markets because his stock rotated often. It's where I found my beloved REBOOT figures for a dollar each. Look at this. The SOB even had a COMMAND CENTER PLAYSET. Can I start crying now?

I could buy one loose and put him in this reproduction box but what is the point of that. I would know it's not from the time period. I want VINTAGE DAMMIT!

And for those of you who think that this is a suitable replacement, well, you know nothing. I have a couple of these Mego-like toy line because I thought I needed a Bionic Bigfoot, ANY Bionic Bigfoot and I was let down. But that is story for another time.


Wings1295 said...

Every great adventurer needs a holy grail, no? The thrill of the chase and all that?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Damn you, Caffeinated Joe! You beat me to my brilliant remark about the Holy Grail.

DrGoat said...

Great minds think alike? The point is made though. What happens when you attain your Oscar? Is your face gonna melt off? Think about it old bean.

Kal said...

I will hug him and pet him and call him Oscar.