Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh Bollywood - You So Crazy

Bless the Tumblr and it's image and bless the You Tube and it's video. I had to see if it was real and apparently it is. I don't think I can watch a whole movie. Too much is going on. A little of Krrish goes a long way. Who knew?

Here we see Krrish humiliate a 15 year old horse who was his only friend growing up. Nice.

Someone help me out here. What other movie does this remind you of?

There are many clips from the three movies on the you tubes. I think I can just watch three and totally catch up with what is going on. I wonder if they make an English version or at least subtitles. Why did the trailer have English writing but no English speaking?? Everything connected to this Krrish is very strange. Oh look, spellcheck doesn't recognize his name. WHO KNEW AGAIN?

If the ending of this clip doesn't bring a tear to your eye then you have no heart. How can you not believe in Krrish when you have seen his works? I am a believer.

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