Monday, December 9, 2013

It Would Be A Major Crime If He Didn't Die

Maybe Rusty dies in tonight's episode of Major Crimes. I can only hope so. I am not spoiling anything because I don't know if that is going to happen. It's just something that I WISH would happen. That punk and that storyline is working my last nerve. He's just such a pill to take with all his whining but someone is writing that balloon juice for him to say. I just want to enjoy my show without all his angst. He makes me jumpy and nervous just watching him. I want to tell the camera to leave the room whenever he is shown. Yeh, they will kill him off. I know it. It's Christmas. Please producers, toss a brother a bone, will ya?



david_b said...

Cal, I do cherish the fact that, besides most of your favorite vintage toys, top-heavy redheads and Batgirl, this is the ONE TRUE topic that makes you and I kindred spirits.

Yet another wonder of this fine, beautiful world.

"Kill.. Rusty... Now.."

Now I know the angst and deep-seated anger of those who never liked Wesley Crusher.

Kal said...

Wesley Crusher was never this bad.

Kal said...

Last night he needed a slap in a big way.