Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New To The Collection Of Cool - Lagoona Blue Dance Class

This includes one Dance Class Lagoona doll. Her theme is Ballet.
Lagoona comes wearing a ballet leotard and tutu, attached together. The leotard is black with pink trim, and has a blue and pink bubbles and coral print. The tutu is green sheer with pink tentacle print.

Her look also features a pink coral bracelet and a light green purse molded as an oxygen tank for SCUBA.

The shoes are pink ballet slippers with a coral design that twines up her calves.

Her skin is an oceany hue of blue-green, and Lagoona has webbed fingers. On her arms and legs are blue transparent plastic fins, secured in grooves on her skin. Her ears are little fins. Her eyes are green.

She has light blue eyeshadow and bright pink lips.

Lagoona's hair is long and straight, blonde with light blue streaks.


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