Sunday, December 8, 2013

Octopus in Propaganda and Political Cartoons

I love the Vulgar Army which bills itself as the go to place for the use of Octopus in propaganda and political cartoons. I am in my own personal heaven right now. It's like someone crawled into my mind and massaged my sweet spot. EWWW. That sounds perverse. Just like Octopus love.

You can see from each and every cartoon that the octopus is not a figure of joy. It's always BAD to be represented by the octopus. They are never on the side of what's good and right. Coincidental or brilliant character analysis? You know what side of the argument I fall on. Wow, 36 pages of this stuff to go through. If you want to know more detail about any of these images go to the page. It's very well done as a resource. Once again thanks to Brother Erik for the great find.


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