Friday, December 6, 2013

Only A Silver Bullet Will Bring This Monster Down

I have a particular hate for Sarah Palin this week. After she compared the National Debt to Slavery, while of course not understanding that the two do not have any connection. She was called on the table for all her bullshit by Martin Bashir, one of the finest journalists out there. Unlike the ones on Fox news, Bashir refuses to kiss Palin's ass and now, for attacking that poster child for US stupidity, he has been forced to resign his job. Once again this cunt can say whatever harmful bullshit comes out of her tiny pee brain and she is NEVER reprimanded for it on the news. Of course she only goes on shows that lob her the softest of softball question and treat her like a wise sage.

Now where is my bag of frozen oranges when I need them.

Responding to Palin's comparison between the national debt and slavery, Bashir said last month that the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee deserved to be subjected to some extremely harsh disciplinary tactics that were employed by a notorious slave owner. Including eating their own shit as many slaves were forced to do. Someone needs to see 12 Years a Slave for bit of an education into the quaint little institution as SLAVERY. FUCK YOU SARAH PALIN.

Responding to the resignation of Martin Bashir for the first time, Sarah Palin said once again Thursday that she accepts his apology. She just hopes that the former MSNBC host's "unprovoked" attack won't deter people from embarking on various endeavors like starting a business or "changing within their family."

What the hell does one thing have to do with the other. How would a reporter's attack (which they don't do often enough) keep people from doing things they dream of doing everyday. "Oh I won't start that guitar repair shop from my garage because Martin Bashir called Sarah Palin on her own BULLSHIT!" Am I the only one that sees how mentally unstable this woman is?

In the old days the enders of the village would meet and vote and she would be sent out on a iceflow with minimal supplies and the whole community would wash their hands of her.

But how about outside of the US?  How is this Alaskan Huckleberry viewed? You can read the entire article about that HERE. This were several passages that I found quite insightful and TRUE.

One wonders, can Sarah Palin can see what the Russians see: a shrill, desperate demagogue more interested in making money and getting famous than in the best interests of her country; a woman so jealous of a sitting President that she takes every blow her country faces and exploits it, turning it into an even more negative, frightening moment while distracting from the real work – never once stepping into the debate to lead, to soothe, to unite.

Never once has Ms Palin shown her love for this great country by standing by it and her President in a time of need. Instead, she views each crisis as a cynical opportunity to sow the seeds of division among fellow countrymen. During the oil spill crisis, she took to Fox News to spew nonsense about the Dutch not getting their phone calls received, claiming she knew how to fix the leak if only the President had called on her. Of course, since she was on Fox News, no one bothered to ask her why, then, she did nothing to stop the oil spills that took place during her brief tenure as Governor of Alaska.

So while a scant few of them (Rove, Scarborough, and a few of the “elites” who are not elected officials; the elected officials are quivering in the corner rather than standing up to the myth of Palin lest they alienate what little remains of the Republican Party base) make the rounds distancing themselves from her now, do not forget how they set her into motion in 2008 to do exactly what she’s doing now.

And do not forget that even as they take a slight step away from the noxious whiff of disgust that follows in Ms Palin’s wake, they’re not silencing her; they’re not calling her out for her attacks on the President. No, the most they can muster from their cowardly bunkers of fear from which they wage their war on America is mild outrage that she would insult the Bushes or Reagan.

Nary a word about her outrageously destructive actions toward our current President. And why is that? Because Ms Palin is doing the dirty work for the Republican weaklings; sowing seeds of division, suspicion, hatred, and rage against a sitting President.

Tell me that you understand how this is so insane. She is insane. It's like the hamster on the wheel in her brain is retarded.


Dr. Theda said...

I take it that you do Not "like" this woman.....

Kal said...

I hate anyone that spreads the kind of hate that she does and no one calls her one it. If fact she is encouraged to be the worst kind of cunt that she can be. She is no better than a parrot..

Dr. Theda said...

No I think the bird would have more "intelligence"...

david_b said...

Wow, Cal, sure sounds like you do not like this woman.

Spreading hate..?, nooo not really.

Folks who call her things like a 'cunt' are worse, and it's really sad folks like YOU have, in a sense, given her the power to evoke that sentiment on a human being, much less a former US state governor.

Look in the mirror, sir.

profsafety said...

I think the best thing is to not give attention to people like this. They say provocative stuff to get attention. The way too hurt them most is to ignore them.

Kal said...

Hey if you want to agree with poor picked on Sarah you go right ahead. I wouldn't change a thing I say or think about her. In fact she got off light because I think she should eat shit to compensate for all the shit my ears have had to absorb just listening to her.

Natholeon said...

you have said nothing wrong and everything right, Kal. She is a poor excuse for a human being.