Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow Times

There is nothing worse than a December ice storm. I will take all the soft fluffy snow that you want to drop all day long but once you mix rain with snow you get layers of heavy ice on everything. No power for days in some cases not to mention all the damage done to anything underneath a tree or power line. Skating on the ice is fun but driving on it is a nightmare that should not be attempted even by professionals. Poor Toronto and it's lake effect snow.

Then of course there is my town that has had a decent amount of snow this year already. These are the piles left from clearing the snow off the roof.

I could also watch snow being cleared off the roads all day long. I wish they had a channel that showed that kind of stuff 24/7. Our town has a new kind of snow cleaner that just attaches to the dump truck and moves down the truck as it fill it up. Then it detaches, hooks up to another dump truck and is on it's way.

Then there of course are my pictures from Shilo, Manitoba in my youth.



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Its terrible alright. My brother's fiancee's family lost power at their house and the power company is so backlogged that the don't expect power back until the 28th. So she's staying with us for the meantime. Oh and she brought here yappy little wiener dog too.

At least it'll liven up the dinner conversation!

Kal said...

And it's a jungle out there. Little wiener dogs go missing ALL the time.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Are there coyotes in your neck of the woods, Erik? That's the route I'd go.

Kal said...

Just let him out of the house with a pork chop around your neck and problem solved.