Saturday, December 7, 2013

Vanessa Bayer And My Mini-Rant About The Internet And NBC

I do loves me some Vanessa on SNL. I find her both funny and cute but do you think I could find a single clip to display that to you all? No, because NBC and HULU are bastards and now even Yahoo is keeping me from seeing the clips I want to because I live in CANADA. It's the worst kind of Internet bullshit. I can find all the porn I need. No, that you never block, can you? But if I want to promote one of your stupid programs (which frankly these days can use all the promotion they can get) I get blocked at every turn. I am sure there is a logical sensible reason for the exclusion of these clips from the Tundra but I haven't heard it yet. Stupid corporate slugs.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Posting Hulu clips isn't any easier stateside and my friend Chuck's video reviews of Star Trek episodes have been threatened by NBC's lawyers more than once.

She is pretty though.

Kal said...

She does this character as a 13 year old Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy. Classic timing and characterization. I so wanted to share her doing that character on the news. I can't even WATCH it for myself because it's nowhere to be found...on the INTERNET??? It makes me crazy.