Monday, March 24, 2014

All The Best Jedi Use The Reverse Grip With Their Lightsabers

I don't know why I have an obsession with this lightsaber grip. Commonly known as the reverse grip. I seems counter intuitive to person, like me, who knows a little about using a sword as a weapon but an Epee is hardly a light saber now is it? Ahsoka fights this style as does the evil Asajj Ventriss. Is it superior to holding your weapon and wield it as you would a Samurai sword?




j-swin said...

Maybe you're obsessed with it because it looks cool as shit...especially on a girl Jedi.

Unknown said...

Especially useful in enclosed close quarters. As in a tight corridor on a ship. The stance that Anakin/Darth use as well as Luke was due to being able to physically over power some one and slam some heave light sabre stuff down on them. Also how Master Yoda uses a jumping down ward motion. But for more slender wielders in tight spaces it is easier to block and slash up and across.

Kal said...

Now that is a superior explantion. Thank you.

Unknown said...

It was only due to a post of yours a couple of weeks ago the inspired me to research lightsaber fighting styles. So, thanks for that.

JBond said...

I dunno. It seems like a shady stance to me. What do these jedi have to hide? Keep your saber erect and in front of you where it belongs!

Kal said...

Welcome to my madness, Jed. I get a thought in my head and I can't let it go.

mutosheep said...

I am a 20 year student of martial arts and an experienced war fighter, not to mention a pretty big fan of Star Wars, so please let me enlighten the discussion.

The author is correct in that, aside from light saber use, using reverse grip is counter intuitive and counter productive for bladed weapon use.

No offense, but Jed is completely mistaken. Reason would dictate that the length of ones saber, not the grip, would make a difference in close quarters combat, though I doubt Starkiller would give a hoot about collateral damage. Furthermore, regular grip would allow for much better defense and offense in close quarters because reverse grip limits range of motion and makes necessary the use of complicated footwork and acrobatics. If one is concerned about being shot in the back, the use of reverse grip only for the off hand would be the best option so that one blade is ready in both directions.

The use of reverse grip serves several purposes.
1. It is a reflection of the defensive nature of the Jedai.
2. When used in combination with another saber, it helps with blaster bolt deflection, especially when defending others, but would make redirection more difficult.
3. It would seem to allow for easier use of force powers, or at least to allow the user to focus more on using force powers during combat.
4. Additional close range stabbing power at the cost of slashing power , range of attack, and range of motion.

My conclusion is that for Starkiller/Malek the reverse grip is used for the focus on force powers. For Ahsoka, it reflects her commitment to defending the weak, although it may just be a reflection of her personal feelings for a certain Jedi instructor. It looks cool because the user is implying that he does not need the full use of his blades to defeat his enemy. Its use could be the sign of arrogance.

mutosheep said...

How did you get that screenshot of Bastilla in KOTOR? I am not aware of any such mods to that game.