Monday, March 31, 2014

Jar Jar Binks And Mace Windu?

Now there is a wicked cool team-up that is worth watching two of my precious last episodes of season six of the CLONE WARS series - they were recently released as THE LOST MISSIONS all at once on Netflix and were the last episodes worked on when THE CLONE WARS was cancelled to make way for STAR WARS - REBELS - the next new series in the Star Wars Universe.

The two episodes I watched tonight were episodes 8 and 9 of Season Six. That means only four new episodes before all my unwatched pieces of the CLONE WARS series are all seen. I loved this series so much from the beginning and it only get better from season one. These additional 13 'bonus' episodes are extras that I had no right to expect nor hope for.

I just had to see how the bumbling Jar Jar and the take no bull Windu would compliment each other. It's a common theme in this series to have characters find their strength within themselves by finding what they do best - even by being a goofy Gungan in the middle of a rescue operation.


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The King of Thessaly said...

As much as Jar-Jar is an abomination that can never be thoroughly-enough apologized for... I thought he worked well in all of his Clone Wars episodes. If that's all he ever was- I'd even think I'd like him. But, no- his sins can never be completely forgiven...

Sad to see it go, I finished it up a week or two ago. It was a good series, overall. I mean- it had some clunkers... but- the awesome episodes honestly made me love Star Wars again!