Monday, March 31, 2014

Favorite Autobot - GRIMLOCK

Of course after Optimus Prime, my favorite Transformer is Grimlock. I like his T-Rex body and his slow manner of speech and thought. He's like Godzilla only without any knowledge about how powerful he is and how much damage he can do. He mostly reacts. He is never proactive and can be a good bodyguard but not a good buddy. He will get you into trouble because you can't ever leave him alone to his own devices.

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The King of Thessaly said...

He was always a favorite of mine, too! One of the only "larger" Transformer toys I ever had. I only ever got the small ones and Go-Bots mostly... but that's okay, because I love Go-Bots!
Anyways, too bad he looks like a fucking dragon in the new movie.

Mike said...

Super Cool!