Sunday, March 23, 2014

True Legends / True Heroes Play Sets

I am a huge fan of play sets. The more accessories and details that the toy makers can cram into a toy the better as far as I am concerned. I saw this great True Legends pirate ship for sale at Toys R Us today and I am tempted to go back tomorrow to get it. It is only 40 dollars. It's a substantial toy that really displays well...despite the fact that I would be so tempted to take it out of the package to see how it floats in the tub.


There is also this fantastic Heroes of Olympus set that comes with a Kraken or Hydra to beat upon. I love the detail and the little touches like the crossbow on the deck and the shields on the side of the boat. At $40 dollars the price is right for a toy this substantial, detailed and with dozens of cool accessories. It will also display beautifully. This is the exact type of play sets that I want in my collection. These will be lost gems in the future and thought highly of.

If you are into the military vehicles you should also check out their Modern Army line. Also very large, detailed, with dozens of pieces to mix and match. The play value of this entire line is HUGE.
True Heroes Sentinel 1 Military Camp Playset
There is also a Ninja line but it was of less interest to me. Though I am both delighted and horrified that this product went into production. There will be many, many trips to the Emergency Room for parents who buy this set for their teenage sons. It's tailor made for eye patches. Play value - extraordinary until someone is badly hurt.
Now check out the price point on this toy. 13 dollars and you get a CAR FOR YOUR FREAKIN' Ninja to drive around in even though Ninji aren't known for their driving skills. I love that kind of accessory overkill. Play value - also very high.

And finally. I would have KILLED to have this set when I was a kid. Look at all you get for 25 dollars. Who cares if it all fell apart under normal childhood play, for that ONE Halloween, you would be a GOD - Play value - Infinity.

And would a good line of play sets without a Castle and some Knights. The price point on all of these is terrific. You get a lot of play value for your dollar.



Unknown said...

These are great budget minded sets.

Kal said...

I agree. Sometimes it's about playability to. These have a billion play days in them If you have a nice tub to carry the pieces around in.

Unknown said...

I purchased the helicopter/jeep set for my nephew last Christmas. He takes it wherever he goes. I also picked up a recoiling tank and jumbo jet for his birthday & Christmas presents for this year. They are priced right for their substantial size and play factor. They can also take a pounding when his 12" Hulk figure decides to "attack" them.

Kal said...

Very cool Francis. That would be my idea too. Great sets to buy for nephews every Christmas and Birthday. I love the size of them all the cool stuff you get with each set.