Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Am Having Nighmares About Test Answers Like This

With only a few weeks to go before the very few students I have left write their GED exam, I find these images on the Tumblr. I have nightmares that these will be the answers they will put down even though the real GED test is mostly multiple choice except for the written essay.
I am freaking out enough already about having ANYONE pass. I just want to quit after this class ends before I mess up more people's life and dreams. I just can't handle the stress, especially when they don't show up for class because for some reason they have lost faith in my ability to help them have success. I know I have totally lost faith in myself. I don't think I can do another cycle. No one has really explained to me how my job will continue after my current class ends because my contract ends on the 14th though they do make room for me in their year plan they just submitted to the government. I think it might be time, however, to get out on a high note or with my tail between my legs.

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