Saturday, March 29, 2014

Great Toy Photography From The Super-Duper Toybox

Brother Colin puts out some of the greatest action figure images on the Interwebs. I especially like it when he collects several different incarnations of the best and my favorite heroes and villains. The design difference from one line of toys to another always fascinates me.

I also love how Colin uses lighting and background to create some great action toy portraits. I could never display them all here but go to his site to see more of his art. I see action figures as art and it's always good to come across a good person who sees them as things of beauty as well. His work brings them to life for me and I love seeing the figures out of their packaging. I could never do that myself. It's a phobia I know.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

thanx Kal!- that's fun! :D

Nick Ward said...

Any you deliver. However I'm a bit worried about what the Green Arrow seems to be holding in his hand there.

Mike said...

All kinds of awesome. I love that Brainiac