Monday, March 24, 2014

I Cannot Watch 'Dancing With The Stars

And it's not because the show is a piece of crap with no actual STARS taking part in the dancing. No, this year they have crossed the line with me by showcasing what a pathetic display Billy D. Williams is making on the show. He's an embarrassment and in no way should a man that old be trying to dance routines so complicated. In the last cycle, that is what hobbled Bill Nye. I think there is a time and place where old men just let themselves be old - and not be humiliated on television. Last week's STAR WARS themed dance routine was embarrassing to watch. So bad that I will not post it here. Maybe Star Wars fans think they are doing him a favor by voting for him but they are not. They are just torturing him and us. I don't want to see one of the most dashing heroes from my youth turned into a buffoon.

This man was LANDO CALRISSIAN in the Star Wars epic. He flew the Millenium Falcon to destroy the SECOND Death Star and helped rescue Han from Jabba the Hut and the Sarlak Pit. All this is not to mention how he saved Leia and the droids and Chewbacca on Bespin. The man is a hero who sold Colt 45 from the bottle back before you were cool, fool. He deserves more respect than this. It sucks to get old, man.



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Yeah because a "Star Wars" themed dance wasn't a stupid enough idea already. If Lucas has no shame when it comes to official licensing why should we expect anything different from a celebrity reality show? I pray that the Mouse will come along and slap some sense into these tie-in products.

Yeah after watching this, you'll wish you were as blind as Han Solo in the beginning of "Jedi".

The Flying Dachshund said...

They going to do some goofy Two-Face/Harvey Dent dance too since he was in '89 Batman?!? LOL