Saturday, April 26, 2014

Canvas Art From Marvel At Walmart

I was shopping in the Walmart yesterday and as is my custom I just look around at everything. Something that caught my eye, next to the left over Easter chocolate, were these large canvas silkscreens of Marvel character and comic book covers. Some were small and divided up in to 4 panels while others were huge wall sized works of art. I am nearly 50 and I was blown away. I can only imagine my ten year old self seeing this in the store. His head would have EXPLODED. I would have done anything to have something like this for my wall in my room. Hell, I still might pick up one before they go away.


I should go downstairs and take some pictures of the posters I used to hang up when I had my own apartment. I find the decorating choices that people make to be interesting.
They also make these amazing room dividers. WOW.
6 ft. Tall Double Sided Spider-Man/X-Men Canvas Room Divider



Hobgoblin238 said...

Dang...I HATE being stuck here. Those are fricking cool.

Kal said...

You could probably get your own ones made up..and start a superhero café next door.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Holy Crow!

Kal said...

I knew these would be right up your alley. I love the way they attached the art to the canvas. The silkscreening is really creative for this subject matter - our favorite.