Friday, April 25, 2014

I Learned Something New Today

My good friend Sara used the term MOONBAT as a put down today on the Facebook. Instead of finding it a bad thing, I instantly went to the place in my brain where the combination of MOON and BAT is just about the coolest thing I never though of before.

Think of all the possible story ideas.

He could team up with the Magnificent Bat Boy and fight crime in the big city.

They would drive around in a little car called the Moon Bat. It would run on LUNAR light which of course would make it useless for those times when it's cloudy or the moon is not full.

They could wear white, black and yellow together.
It's a good look.

They would find the love and admiration of the people. Sales of Moon Bat related products for soar. Demands would be made for a Moon Bat movie or TV series on HBO.

They could patrol the city in their custom made plane which conveniently was already named the Moon Bat in WWII, therefor eliminating the need to come up with something less cool to call your plane.

And finally
We can sleep soundly because we no longer fear the night.