Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Guess I Am Back To McDonalds For Happy Meal Toys

I have to get the tin and of course the mask. I hope I don't have to eat too many chicken nuggets to accomplish my mission. If you happen to come across any, I would appreciate you helping a brother out. I miss those days when I used to send stuff to people and get stuff in return. Still waiting for my authentic Mexican Luchador mask from Mexico. But I will see another Blood Moon before I see myself wearing one of those badboys.

The tin looks especially cool and I like the idea of an adult sized Spidey mask to go with the Batman one I have from the Beware the Batman Happy Meal set. Hell, I even want the car and the book. It's these little loose pieces that I love to have in addition  to all the packaged stuff in my collection. I am about to do a MAJOR change to what I have upstairs in Cave of Cool Central. Most stuff is going downstairs in preparation for display in glass cabinets from Ikea. That will free up some space to rotate some pieces I haven't seen daily in awhile, up to where they can be re-appreciated. I want a new view. I may just do a wall of all my female heroes and villains. There are many lines where I made sure I also got the girl figure that was rare, even in the good old days of toy collecting.

Just look at all the girl figures around me as we speak.



Hobgoblin238 said...

I have three masks I bought just for you. A Spidey one too. Also some vintage looking Ben Cooper Halloween masks they make here. Maybe I will ask my pastor to send them since I cannot leave Mexico right now.

Unknown said...

I'm Sam That Color edited your CAL by Crumb
You're blog is so Great
I "lost" you with all the COSPLAY
You are so Cool KAL
I read your blog everyday
You are so cool, really
I wish I was in your neighborhood
Just to go to the pub and just talk about everything
Don't think your efforts are for naught
I'm reading every day har in Dallas Tejas
Thank You For All Your Effort
All The Best,