Saturday, April 26, 2014

He Just Made His First Smoothie

We welcome Blackie the Blender to the Cave of Cool. My 20 year old blender finally bit the biscuit after making a thousand fruit and yogurt smoothie - my preferred breakfast because it gives me the natural sugars and energy to start my brain. My smoothie magically makes it easy to resist eating junk because I am not having cravings for something sweet.

That being said I did eat three bowls of Corn Pops this morning too. DON'T JUDGE ME...they were selling boxes of Corn Pops for 2 dollars at the Walmart. Fruit Loops too but I resisted those when I read that all the different colors are the same flavor. Their is no difference in flavor between individual 'loops'. Even Fruit Loops lied to me. When does it end?

Well it never ends and continued with the loss of my old school Black and Decker Cyclone blender. I must have owned it for 30 years and dragged it all over, wherever I was teaching. I am so tempted to just drag it to garage sales and find it another glass mate because I hate to toss out something that could still be of use. In the third world some guy would take the motor and use it to power his bicycle or a small tailor shop.

This morning I took the old glass jar out of the dish washer and it was cracked beyond use. I actually was sad for an appliance that never let me down. All I had to do was dump in yogurt and fruit and natural juice and some protein powder the night before and the next morning a nice cool taste explosion was reading for blending. It's as much a part of my daily ritual as coffee is to others.

So welcome Blackie. You have a lot to live up to especially in a Cave where things don't usually last very long due to overuse. Your first smoothie was a bit watery but that may have been my fault.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've NEVER had a blender last 20 years. Maybe 5 years max. Your old blender must have been a marvel of technology.

Kal said...

It was heavy duty back in the 80s.

Mike said...

very sad. I hope you find a new glass thing

TS Hendrik said...

Hey Kal, did you get the email I sent? Wasn't sure if you still use the one I have.

Kal said... will reach me.