Saturday, April 26, 2014

You Kids Are Cold Blooded

On a cold day miserable day I found something even colder - cold blooded really. Check this out. A girl was recently stabbed for refusing a Prom request from another kid. She was already going with her boyfriend. Distraught from the rejection the boy slashed her throat, killing her. Terrible story to happen right around Prom season. For some it will be the best times of their lives. For most of us it was a nightmare. But that is besides the point. I had fun I guess.

But what REALLY is bothering me today is that among all the pictures of the mourning of this poor girl, they show a picture of the actual Prom night. Never have you seen a happier group of kids, especially the ones around the dead girl's dress, that he shattered boyfriend is holding in the picture. Just like as if she had been there.

First of all, whose brilliant idea was it to drag that dress around like some kind of soulless ghost all night? Would they have also posed with the killer's head if they could have gotten their hands on that?

Secondly, the sheer JOY on everyone's face is such a indictment of our times. Are we really all so jaded and self centered that such a picture is possible. EVERY kid is happy. It's like they killed her themselves and were celebrating their victory.



j-swin said...

Seems like most high school kids are self centered shits these days and I blame the parents. I'll be god damned if I let my boy grow up to be a shallow, thoughtless leech on the neck of society. Makes me sick the way kids treat each other and their elders these days

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hadn't seen that photo. Now I wish I still hadn't.