Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jem And The Holograms Rockin' Roadster And Radio

I only learned yesterday that this toy existed. I have a soft spot for these kind of vehicles that were designed to carry the larger 8-12 inch figures.

The grill work is especially nice. I have found a few online but without the roof I don't want it.

I guess the car comes in two colors. I love this bottom combination the best. Ruby red gem rims are the coolest. This could serve as a Jokermobile if you needed something for your Mego Joker to ride around in. This version also has an FM radio that works.

I love these larger vehicles from the 80s and 90s and I have just the place for this one. Right beside my Taxi from THE SHADOW movie toy line, my Barbie Corvette and my Super Powers Batmobile. They aren't complete in box and that bugs me. All of my other vehicles are complete. But I would pay to get one of these Roadsters without the box as long as the rest of it was complete.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Lady Penelope have one of those cars on The Thunderbirds?

Dr. Theda said...

Thought about buying one (when they were still in stores ...) But is was around $30.oo

david_b said...

AWESOME IDEA on having it as a Mego Jokermobile.