Monday, April 28, 2014

Imaginext Bane Battle Sled from Fisher-Price

Well they have finally done it. I thought after I resisted the Catwoman figure with her little kitty shaped motorbike that I was done with love for these Imaginext superhero and villain figures. Now I think I have found a renewed interest - and who ever thought it would be BANE who would do it for me.

I love the colors and design of this figure and I especially love the look of this Battle Sled. It's part submarine and part snow sled meaning you can play with it in the tub or the snow pile. Plus you would never loose it in a blizzard because of the bright colors.

Toyriffic is a great site that highlights these figures. I am working my way back through Eric's archives to see the figures I might be missing and need to search for. Of course, ONLY mint in box will do since these are less than a few years old. I am excited to have a new line to search for now that I have got most of the Monster High dolls that I want. I need several of the larger playsets but I am waiting for a sale at Toys R Us. They had a two for one for monster high dolls this weekend again. I feel like I am on the verge of a great deal. Just have to keep watching the newspaper flyers. I need a kid on the inside with a rogue pricing gun to really do this scam right.
Eric has also been doing some neat Simpsons Lego sash-ups.
 This one was my favorite


The Flying Dachshund said...

My sons LOVE the Imaginext figures... Especially my older son who has been getting them for the couple of years... I got him Catwoman and the Bane that came with the Gotham City Jail... I try and get him as many different figures as possible since he loves to have them battle one another!! Like father like son...

Kal said...

They are beautifully designed with the perfect mix of cartoon and comic book.