Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Loves Me Some Quinlan

They called him the Barbarian Gladiator. A warrior like none other. Unmatched in speed, strength and savagery. He defeated every challenger - man and beast. None lasted more than a few minutes. Most, not more than a few seconds. […] A senator with more than a passing familiarity with the dark arts sponsored the Barbarian Gladiator. […] His disappearance coincided with the fall of the Roman Empire. While his immediate fate was unknown, sightings persisted throughout Eurasia over centuries. Yet to this day, no record exists to explain where he came from nor how he was created. Perhaps a clue lies in the nickname given to him by his sponsor, Senator Sertorius: The Born.

He is one of the many things I love about The Strain. Damn, they HAD the Master right where they wanted him and BOOM...literally. That show is so great and dense and fun and scary and interesting and makes me HATE that kid Zak so much that I scream at the screen every time he does something stupid. I actually like that that punk is not redeemable. He's useless and a lost cause. Once you do the bidding of a Nazi asshole and refuse to see that your mother is a Stregoi then you are too stupid to live. Go with Eichorst. You two deserve each other.


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