Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rest In Hell Jack Chick

I have enough issues with comic books being used to preach racism, anti evolution horseshit and homophobia that Jack Chick was tailor made for me to hate. I was quite happy to learn today that this asshole finally died after 93 years of spreading his brand of Christian joy to the world. That was sarcasm by the way.
I remember in University when this anti-evolution comic was all over the campus. Our prof took particular exception to the idiocy and went on one of the best rants I ever heard anyone say. I wish there were cell phone cameras in the mid-eighties because that shit would have went viral.
Check out this great article over at Bob's Canada Blogworld and join me in wishing that this prick is in Hell with the Devil he feared so much.
But don't let Jack Chick's kindly old grandfather image fool you. He was a bitter, ultraconservative, Fundamentalist who hated just about everything and everybody. His Chick tracks gravely warned readers of the dangers of dire consequences of homosexuality, feminism, people of color, rock & roll, heavy metal, evolution, Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons and any form of sex not intended for procreation. According to Chick, if you've so much as drawn a breath, your soul's already condemned to spend eternity in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.



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