Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thanks To My Former Student and Facebook Friend Shauna

I have mentioned before that my boy is a bit skinny. I can feel his bumpy spine and I want to give him every chance to put on a good bit of weight for the winter. That means NO HUMAN FOOD which is usually the way pets get fat. Shauna told me about this formula for kittens that does the job and gave me a nearly full can that she has from when her kittens were born. I traded her two graphic novels for her son who is eight and loves superheroes. Wellington came up to meet them which I thought was very cool. Right now he is back to his sleeping hiding spot which I have yet to find. He will trip up one day and all his secrets will be mine.

Today we had the guy in to fix the dishwasher and Wellington sat there fascinated by the whole procedure. We wouldn't leave the kitchen like he was supervising the work. I like this cat. He doesn't let the little things slide.


Jordan said...

He's got a real talent for lazing around.

DrGoat said...

Cats make the best supervisors. Ours supervise everything that happens in our house.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I know he lazes around. I wish he wouldn't always lie on the floor.