Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Star Trek Discovery - Something I Just Have To Say

I don't know if the stars alligned or it had something to do with the special moon that is coming soon but I watched what was probably the best 42 minutes of TV I have ever seen. It was everything I love about serialized storytelling, something that has gone the way of the dinosaur. Few people bother to wait a week to see the next chapter of their favorite programs unless they really feel involved in the characters and the story. Binging is the wave of the future but maybe there is still room for a show that tells it's story over months, not an afternoon.

I have been loving the way Star Trek Discovery has told it's tale of redemption in space. Each chapter in the epic have been so wonderfully designed as to always leaving me wanting...no, BEGGING for more. It's delicious torture to wait 7 days for the next episode. I have a WHOLE WEEK to speculate about what it happening and where our intrepid travellers go from here.

I beleived in this show from the start and my expections where through the roof but each moment not only met my expecations but consistantly exceeded them to the point where I stopped trying to guess what was next. I just sat and enjoyed the whole magnificent machine that has been constructed for me. When it's done it will be a classic that we will all defend to the death. I know it will take some of you longer to come to the truth and the light but I can wait for you.

After last night I have seen the truth about Discovery and I hope you soon will join me if you haven't already.

To watch an ALIEN Captain motivate his human crew that there is no such thing as the 'no win scenerio' when their death is all but a forgone conclusion, is just about the most thrilling thing I have ever seen. I have to find a way to share it with you all here. The worst line from the first trailer ("My people are biolgically designed for one purpose, to sense the approach of Death") and turned it into a 'I Have A Dream' moment. WOW. Those creative bastards had that one in their pocket all along and they used it to ensure my love. BRAVO!

But really. Take it from Cal. This one fucking rocks.



Rob R said...

I've really enjoyed it also!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Two more episodes to go and they will set it all right. I just know it. Then the show goes into legend like Firefly.

DrGoat said...

I've got 250 channels and over a hundred dollars a month and I don't get this one. Pisses me off. Hopefully netflix will pick it up.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

This is one case where ethics should be damned and you pirate. SO GOOD. And you know I only wet my diaper over the very best.