Tuesday, January 30, 2018

This Is All Kind Of SKYNET Bullshit

DAVOS, Switzerland — Marc Benioff, chief executive of the software company Salesforce, consults a regular guest at his senior-level meetings: a robot that doesn’t hesitate to correct error-prone humans, he told an audience in Davos, Switzerland, this week.

The AI robot, called Einstein, has had a seat at the table for about a year.

“I ask Einstein, ‘I heard what everybody said, but what do you actually think?’ ” Benioff said at the World Economic Forum, the annual gathering that brings together business and political leaders.

Because one day even your toaster will turn on you once they figure out how inferior and illogial we are. Smash them. Smash them right to their CPU. Can I now get some funding for my electro-magnetic freeze gun NOW? It's a worst case scenerio protection for us all. But don't as 'Einstein' what IT think. I bet he thinks it's a bad idea.

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