Saturday, July 21, 2018

Godzilla - King Of The Monsters And Why I Now Hate Milly Bobby Brown

Oh look, Milly Bobby Brown is making a last minutes escape. I suspect the first of about 15 such inhumanly close escapes that will stink up this poor excuse for a movie if the trailer is any indication of quality. Want to bet Milly Bobby Brown's character comes from a broken home or worse yet she is an orphan who hangs hangs around M.I.T. and just happens to PICK UP a vast education in all the complicated science she will need to save the day.

Then it only gets worse.

This may be the worst trailer for a major motion picture I have ever seen. I hate everything about it. I hate the Kaiju obscured by fog like I don't know WHAT THE FUCK RODAN LOOKS LIKE! I was offended by this trailer. How could you do this to me Milly Bobby Brown? You were 11 in Stranger Things. Couldn't you use your superpowers to make this  a better trailer?

Oh and did not ONE scientiest in a room full of smart people stand up and say that this 'IDEA' was bullshit. Okay, now I am angry that this whole movie got made. I hate the MUSIC. Did I mentiont the bullshit plan and the STUPID MUSIC? When the script says THIS IS THE ONLY WAY - run from the theatre. Oh and take that Milly Bobby Brown with you so she never acts again in such dreck. I hoped to see this kid for many years to come but now you and your stupid ass monster trailer has ended that dream.


cerebus660 said...

Wow! Chill out Cal! The movie looks crap so you now hate the actress?? I know you exaggerate your views for effect but this sounds like the worst kind of trolling, especially coming from a former teacher. She's a 14-year old who's been given the opportunity to star in a major ( if probably rubbish ) movie - of course she's going to take it. It doesn't look any worse then that Die Hard rip-off you were raving about the other day...

DrGoat said...

True. Also, with all the great ideas for movie scripts out there, it's the same ole thing.