Wednesday, July 25, 2018

This Year, I Am Thinning Out The Comic Book Collection

I had a great talk today with Jason from Absolute Comics in Calgary who came to look at what I have in my longboxes. I only had two days to get things ready but he once again hung around anyways and give me great insight into the comic book selling and buying business as it exists today. This was EXACTLY what I needed and there was no one online who would take the time to let me brainstorm with them on a project I am currently working on. This is the only drawback from only having online friends. When you need them there are seldom if ever there for you in any real. I have learned that asking someone for advice makes online friends very uncomfortable. Like they have time for the one minute encounter they have with me on Facebook but nothing longer than that.

His advice was spot on and he didn't blow smoke up my ass. He gave me great suggestions for liquidating some of the 12,000 comic books that I have currently. It was time to let other people enjoy them before comic books go the way of the dinosaur.

I have no family to leave them to. Of course I will pick out my gems and favorites but many will be going because not every comic produced were all that special. I have no idea why I bought that series in the first place. I can justify Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk and The Avengers but how the hell do I justify ANYTHING I bought from Image Comics? I put some aside and read through them yesterday and they were WORSE than I remembered them. They look like they were produced by kids doing a high school computer project. The characters are all derivitive and the stories and laughable. As are the enemies of these idiot heroes who have the worst code names and powers that you have seen before if you ever read another comic in your life. THEY GOT TO GO to clear the bad JUJU from my comic collection.

I can't wait to come across the first appearance of Deadpool that I have somewhere in the X-Man boxes and that one I am going to get FULL GOD DAMN PRICE FOR which currently is getting in the neighborhood of 300 dollars an issue and that only increases with condition. All of my books are in near mint condtion.

I could sell them all at once but that deprives me of what I want to keep.

I also want to make sure that there is a box of kid freindly books so those who come with their folks can get something just geered to them. I have a number of those books as well.

I could take out the padding, the junk and everything IMAGE related and put the long boxes in my garage and sell a bunch for one dollar a book. No hangling. Bring you kids and enjoy the hunt. I already have two boxes of stuff and I am separating out a box of kid friendly book with some nice surprises in there like 100 page giants that a sharp kid will know is a huge deal for a dollar and he will get hours of pleasure out of that.

I have heard alot about the death of comics because kids today have no idea the joys that come from reading a comic book. They have the internet and gaming systems and sometimes old fashion things like comics and novels can't complete with all those bells and whistles. Maybe doing what I am doing will bring just a little of the old school magic back for a few kids.

But probably I will get a ton of scalpers who will flip these books for billions online. Well have at it. I have neither the patience or the interest to deal with Ebay and Paypal right now, especially not with the books I will have for sale. Good luck to them. This first sale is for locals and for me to network about the real special books that I will hold onto and sell individually.

I will also collect mini-series and sell them for between five and ten bucks depending on the numver of issues in the limited series. Each will be a complete tales and usually have fancier covers or cardboard stock covers. That should justify the slightly higher prices.

I should probably just toss these fancy covered ones in a two dollar box because they are eleaborate but no one wants to buy them anymore. Like variant covers, they did much to ruin an entire industry that should not need gimmicks like this to sell their books. I hope by tossing a few of these ones with these gimmick covers that my selection of sales merchandise seems decent and not crappy. I want to have one later in the summer that I hope spreads by word of mouth among the comic people in my home town.



Tim Knight said...

Cannot tell you how pleased I am that you've found someone "in real life" to act as a reliable and trustworthy expert in this field.

For me, comics - especially vast collections - can only truly be assessed in the flesh (one man's VGC is another man's 'bit tatty').

I can personally vouch, thanks to your incredible generosity earlier this year with your old Valiant comics, that your comics are well looked after.

So, hopefully, with the right guidance, a bit of patience, and the right customers you should be able to get a tidy sum for the comics you want to sell, and still keep a small library of your treasured titles.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I really do have a lot of filler that I can let go and I know seeing some kid load up with his five dollars will make me feel good. I have tons of those kid friendly Superman Adventures and Batman Adventures comic books that are fun and easy readers. It's fun going through what I have.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

So how are garage sales advertised these days? Do people put ads on kijiji or something?

Tim Knight said...

I suspect we all have those "filler" titles that we picked up on a whim, or just to sample. I tend to bundle mine to go to the Oxfam Book Shop as I, too, love the idea of being able to spread my love of comics to new readers.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's time. I advertise on the local buy and sell sites because no one reads the paper anymore.

Chase March said...
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Chase March said...

It'll be sad to see such a huge collection broken up and not with you any more. But it is probably for the best. Glad you got someone helping you with it all who knows his stuff.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's really inaanely large though. I needed to let go a bit and I am okay with that.