Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Clone Wars Returns For Unfinished Business

I loved this show so very much over the years it was on. I thought it was one of the most well designed and produced cartoons of all time. It dripped Star Wars goodness from every frame. The four part mission with just the Droids and that Froggy General was a real highlight for me as was the final betrayal of Ahsoka by the Jedi Council. That whole story was left unfinished IMHO. I love the ending of this teaser trailer because FINALLY my girl Ahsoka will make Annakin responsible for his actions and especially his personal betrayal of her. Annikin was always a dickhead but he did his Padawan dirty and that is a sacred relationship. I wish I already didn't know the future of both characters because I would love to see her take that punk's head.

My bigger suspicion is that these final twelve episodes were not quite finished and while REBELS replaced CLONE WARS this gave those creators the time to properly finish the story they already started but which ended abruptly after REBELS was picked up. There is still Order 66 to deal with, right? And I know Ahsoka lives long enough to be in REBELS. But their battle will be epic if previous Clone Wars episodes are any indication.


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