Friday, July 20, 2018

It Was A Surpise Invite And I Didn't Even Bother To Plan

This is pure Calvin in his conversation genius mode. I hate dead air and I have a thought about everything. I like to bust balls sometimes which I picked up from the Howard Stern Show. But I know my stuff and can articulate opinions that are thoughful and usually dead on when it comes to my opinions on popular culture. All my life I have swam in many waters of the ocean that is POP CUTURE. I know it's tribes and it's evils and I made myself a promise a long time ago that I would only use my powers for good. To build up those films and filmmakers and TV producers and actor and comic book and animation creators when I see something that reflects my love for the genre. But at the same time I will be merciless if you try to show me inferior garbage or lack the VISION to know what shows are good and should stay, and which are crap and should go. I swear if Hollywood took 10% of my advice and produced 11% of my IDEAS then the whole Universe of Entertainent could be revolutionalized.
Yes, I could interrupt less and I am working on that but I get so excited just to have someone to talk to about anything. Like a new puppy I can be.
I really like the intro to this. And the conversation is solid without any dead air which is my only goal. I need to fix my audio gain or just get a new mic so that I am heard better. My words got garbbled too often.

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