Friday, July 20, 2018

The Black Widow Is Real?

I don't appreciate the condesending tone of the author but he makes some valid points.

Maria Butina, a 29-year-old Russian woman living in Washington D.C., has been arrested by U.S. authorities and charged with being an illegal foreign agent. She infiltrated the GOP with a complex intelligence operation orchestrated by the Russian government, but the main thing you nerds have to know is that she’s basically real-life Black Widow.

Court filings on Wednesday say Ms Butina was living with an unnamed 56-year-old American - identified in documents as US Person 1 - with whom she had a "personal relationship".
Prosecutors say she described the man - who was nearly twice her age - as her boyfriend.
"But this relationship does not represent a strong tie to the United States because Butina appears to treat it as simply a necessary aspect of her activities," said the court papers.


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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Black Widow? Why not Red Sparrow?