Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Orville - Season Two Trailer

It bothered me so much that people thought they had to choose between the Orville and Discovery but the only think the shows share in common is that they are set in SPACE. The Orville is the down the middle feel good space comedy that GALAXY QUEST should have become after that film was a huge hit but I undertand some of the cast found working on the small screen to be beneath them. So it you enjoyed that Tim Allen movie, you will enjoy this Seth McFarlane gem. Great casting, relationships with substance, interesting stories that make you think like many of the best Original Star Trek episodes did. I love the cuter than cute alien girl who is super strong and is the ships security officer. I am happy the show gave me someone to crush on. I am someone who thinks Seth McFarlane is a funny guy and a funny writer so I am already a fan. This show is better than it has any right to be only because it is on FOX. McFarlane made a ton of money for that corporation so they are letting him do HIS show with minimal interference. Of course that means it will be cancelled  minutes after this 2nd and final season in completed.

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