Monday, July 30, 2018

This Breaks My Heart

That day we lose Johnny Clegg is a day I will truly mourn for this planet. So much of my compassionate and progressive world view comes from his music and I can never thank him enough for truly opening my mind and my heart. His is the example to embrace that which we fear because it is there that we will find peace. Good journey my brother.

You can hear the whole interview on the CBC website and I encourage you all to listen to it if only to learn how powerful music can be as an agent of change. We all say we would change the world if we could but to Johnny Clegg that wasn't all talk. He lived his words and that is an extraordinary thing.

Juno-winning world musician Lorraine Klaasen grew up in South Africa and now lives in Montreal. Her mother is the famed South African jazz star Thandi Klaasen. Here are her thoughts on Clegg's impact:

"Johnny Clegg's music played an important part in promoting South African music to the world. By singing and dancing Zulu culture [and] working with Juluka, [he] demonstrated that white and black can live and share their heritage.

I am saddened that he is taking time off. But we will always remember his legacy. I had the honour to present him during the 10th anniversary of freedom in South Africa and the 25th Montreal Jazz Festival. My dear beloved mom … may her soul rest in peace, also shared the stage.

But we must remember that the South African Music will live on. I am still standing. So keep supporting this beautiful music."


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