Saturday, June 22, 2019

Kingsmen, The Golden Circle

"Manners maketh man."
I really enjoyed the first Kingsmen film. I liked the comic book it was based on as well. In my youth I would have been the perfect agent. Cold blooded and I really love all that fancy spy tech. I would have as much of it as I could carry. But I digress.

This time Eggsy is one of two survivors of the destruction of the Kingsmen organization which happened after info of their locations were stolen by an evil organization called The Golden Circle.

This one is interesting but ultimately forgettable with the mix of big stars like Colin Firth and Halle Berry and head villain Juliette Moore who only wants to legalize all drugs, which she controls. If not, millions of people will die from the 'Dancing Disease' or 'Blue Rash' because they already used Poppy's tainted drugs. Big time world crisis. Except the Governments want the drug users dead so why do anything? Holy Shit. That is so cold blooded.

Good thing there are The Statesmen to stop such an evil plot. They are the American equivalent to the British Kingsmen. All their agents are on top of their game as well. The best of the best that any secret agency ever trained and that is the fun of these Kingsmen. movies. Nothing is impossible for them. Nothing. I love the way all these cool exotic spy gadgets just show up as needed without any warning or explanation.

There are some nice scenes between Galahad and Eggsy and Merlin. All three actors (Colin Firth, Mark Strong, and Taron Egerton) have great chemistry and are the kind of team that I look forward to watch as they are saving the world.

This one even has Elton John cameos where he swears like a sailor and kicks ass. Not all that original but a hell of a lot of fun. It is interesting that Egerton is now the star of Rocket Man, the Elton John biopic. I hope there is an interesting story behind that.

Fantastic fight choreography with all kinds of weapons like whips and lariats and other western themed weapons. The scene with the cable car on the mountain side is also an amazing piece of stunt work. Thrilling stuff at the time but ultimately this one is forgettable but as satisfying as it's prequel. It exists in a strange super spy Universe that I don't mind visiting every couple of years.


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