Friday, June 14, 2019

I Ask Again, What The Hell Are They Suppose To Be?

Don't tell me if you know. I am serious. I don't want to see the efforts of your Google searches. I just couldn't deal. The Banana Splits infuriate me enough and I suspect they have just as lame a back story only a lame foreign back story that I can't understand anyways. When will you maniacs learn??

Oh look, they spelled 'Crackers' in the same funny way a Hillbilly would yet not one of the group is a DUCK! That drummer looks like he takes his afternoon break at 4:20. Why does one of them have a patch? Will we ever know why he or she lost the eye? See, I already have questions. But that doesn't change how lame they look or makes them the least bit interesting.
Thanks to Brother Tim for collecting all my Banana Split rants in one place. My hatred for that program and those characters is so pure.
It's all so sad and lame.
It was even worse than this program from my youth.
I even have the same record of his 'bits'. Comedy at it's worse.
Yes, he did 'Doggy In The Window."
What piece of pop culture did YOU hate as a kid?


Tim Knight said...

Oh God, I'm having flashbacks. I think The Animal Kwackers (and I refuse to Google them) were a British abomination - cashing in on the Banana Splits' "fad"! I have vague memories of maybe seeing them on TV as a youngster!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, Uncle Bob and his gang! How I miss you!