Thursday, June 20, 2019

More Headlines This Week

What are we now? Exactly. Serve me up one of those burgers. If it passes the taste test and doesn't make me poop continuously I will buy it just to become one of these Souless Creatures. Will there be hats or t-shirts we could wear so we can recognize any other Souless Creatures we might come across? Why does every religious dumbass with access to media always reveal himself to be a complete dumbass the second after he opens his mouth. There is no one that combines God, Sin and MEATNESS BURGERS who should expect me to take him seriously. I am insulted that you didn't even try to do better. Lazy bullshit is my least favorite kind of bullshit.
Ah, too bad.
Next time don't be a racist asshole.
Maybe you can still get into Alabama State.
Well this situation will end quickly
An important READ
Great. Aside from being a young person now you is a stinky young person. At random you should be pulled out of class by a hazmat team and force cleaned with a fire truck hose. Then strubbed with heavy brushes by people will force hosptial soap into ever crevice and orifice then water blast it all out. Next time we won't be so gentle so WASH YO SHIT and WIPE YO ASS and STOP BEING UNPLEASANT TO BE AROUND. Your lack of personality already makes you nigh impossible to live with as it is.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Racism has consequences. See, that racist kid just learned a valuable lesson!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

No he didn't. He just learned that the world and all people of color are against his entitled white ass.