Saturday, May 9, 2020

A Weekend Rant

Sometimes you humans get crazy and need to be reminded to get over yourselves You know what emoji I need? The little circle guy pointed the J'ACCUSE finger at the intended recipient. For those of my tribe, if you say something that puts YOURSELF down you get one of those, You don't have the right to put yourself down. The World does that and the voices in your head do that so please don't you do that.

Today I was in a thread bashing the idiot trump and into the conversation a Hillbilly retard said something pro trump. It wasn't asked for. Who is she? Usually I let things like this go but today something even half ways resembling approval for the War Criminal trump reminds my own personal nobility that as an enlightened human being this situation required me to keep it real. I am not going to play paddy-cake with some trump supporter in a conversion thread, with members of MY online tribe. She brought that shit into my beautiful, intelligent rational peaceful, funny principality and she soiled it. I should have blasted her and made her cry right then and there but I let the Lionesses in the group make their peace and talk me down while giving me my dignity and admitting I was justified in my militancy and I had judged the whole situation correctly.

Every day my feed is full of Hillbilly fuck ups. And the reasons always comes back to the fact that these people have soft and lazy brain.They aren't stupid. They can form what can pass for sentences but their brains is simple. Their brains cannot hold more than five ideas at the same time. It's not that they can't be taught to read and watch something other than Fox news. And then there is the US Congress who I relied upon to neuter the idiot trump. Instead they empowered him. If he knows he is losing do you know what kind of election shenanigans he will be up to. Where is a plan to soften the damage as best they can because there is much that is worth saving. Except you Congress which deserved to be hurled towards the sun, Why are you leaving this pandemic up to a dangerously unstable senior with raging Narcissism and and inability to keep a single unexpressed thought in his head.How can not a one of you stand up to the blatant corruption, The self serving propaganda masquerading what is suppose to be medical information that can save lives and say NO .Your President is a bloated decaying sack of bloated whale remains yet when he tells them to drink bleach, they do,

Fuck I hate those Hillbilly retards. Those ignorant God lovin, gun lovin, book hating closeted homosexuals. But the only ones of those you have to worry about are the ones who are elected to Congress on an agenda of LGBT hate and immigrant hate and science hate. You know who you are. I ain't gotta name names. But the ones who complain the most about Gay rights are the ones found with two young rent boys, tied up in the trunk of their Toyota with a shovel a chainsaw and an ice cooler.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Rant on, Cal. Someone has to do it!