Friday, May 1, 2020

At This Point, Doom Should Just Walk Away Slowly


Since my idea is so good the Universe will see that it happens just the way I want. I don't want to spoil the movie that WILL be made in ten years for you.

Everyone makes the mistake of underestimating Sue. She is the most powerful member of that team and woe be to anyone who thinks otherwise. And Doom just messed with her family. 

Damn. I really really want MY idea for a Fantastic Four Trilogy and Part Two Of The Galactus Saga to be the one they make. Call me Russo Brothers. Trust me. I am easy to work with and I only want you to make the best movie you can make. I swear to the Gods that the emotional high point of the next ten years of movies that I imagine will leave them all cheering and crying at the same time. I just know the material and I had a vision. Visions are a powerful thing.

This is my idea for the ending of the third Fantastic Four movie. When Sue lets the boys know that she is going to have another baby - the same baby who could die if Doom doesn't save both Mother and child. A beaten and defeated Reed Richards falls to his knees and begs Doom to save his Susan in exchange for his life in return. That moment when we don't know if Doom will put a blast from his gauntlets into Reed's brain will freeze everyone's heart because of course the whole Reed/Victor relationship is built up over FOUR movies (see what I did there?) to pay off at that moment. It's also the redemption of Doom who goes from a villain to a hero and someone who the other heroes finally can sorta maybe trust because he's insanely powerful and insanely smart but you have to play to his ego and vanity if you want him to play well with others. And the real villain of the piece is GALACTUS. 

Now of course we have Johnny off to get the Ultimate Nulifier but before he leave on that one man suicide mission he could ask Doom to help the heroes fight Galactus because Johnny knows that Doom might be the only one who can defeat Galactus. This is no time for the old hero/villain dynamic.

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