Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Calvin Gets To Live Another Day

Proving the Gods and the Hillbillies wrong again fill me with great joy. I can't be killed. Negative on my Covid 19 but apparently Though I am now pregnant if I understood the nurse on the line correctly. That also means I am must further isolated from all your germ carriers. Oh No. That is just terrible. A fate worse than death. BAH! I don't need to go outside. That's where the killer hornets are. So go out, have fun. French kiss a French guy, lick a hand rail. Lick your cellphone. Attract a hornet swarm. I don't care. More people died during round two of the Spanish Flu and I am going watch history repeating itself. But dumbasses got to dumbass and go back to work for THE MAN who didn't pay you enough to survive this pandemic and didn't give you anything once it did started Me, I am building me a plastic bubble...that can go into space if necessary. But I have said too much already.

What was my point again?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Are you sure you NEED a point, Cal?