Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sometimes You Hillbillies Work My Last Fucking Nerve

I swear to all that is Holy that if I ever get within two feet from Rand Paul I will first tear off that ridiculous wig he wears and then I would snap his neck like a chicken wing...crunch crunch. What kind of Hubris does a guy who tested positive as did Paul to question the ONE GUY who is not going to blow smoke up trumps ass just to make him look good which is impossible at this point. He is a cancer and his reckless buffoonery has put those closest to him and MOST of trump's staff who are now going to be left in the jackpot because THEY KNOW that it's the idiot trump that got them in this situation in the first place. Everyone that gets near this hump of a trump get's ruined for life and basically have to wear a disguise just to got get some groceries lest someone take a bag of frozen oranges and repeatedly bash them in what my lawyer will say was temporary insanity from this 3 year nightmare we all have been suffering through. I have had ENOUGH. You can't tell me that somewhere, there is a guy, in the bowels of the CIA that has invented a machine that can generate a concentrated bolt of lighting to a specific place on the planet. Why can't he use that invention to send a couple trump's way when he is on the golf course AGAIN. He's a lunatic. We all are lunatics for allowing this to continue to occur. You Hillbillies are so fucked you can no longer feel it when trump bones you again...and again...PANDEMIC? Truthfully that was way way down on my list of all the ways trump would fuck up his presidency, if you can call it that. And now, this fucking retard and his retarded minions are gonna take the head of THE ONE FUCKING GUY YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO DURING AN INFECTIOUS VIRUS PANDEMIC!! He's the FIRST guy you call when something like EBOLA or SARS, OF THE MOTHERFUCKING PLAGUE!! He's THE guy when this kind of shit hits the global fan. And now he get's the axe because he tells you retards some TRUTH that will not only save your miserable, worthless HILLBILLY life but may protect the rest of us if you go outside and French kiss all the boys from the gun club in some kind of retard protest to go back to fucking WORK. For the MAN who fuck you over for less than minimum wage while his billions grow and grow and he does nothing to assist. With all his BILLIONS with a B. Can't there also be, in the CIA labs, a computer kid who can do some digital voodoo and just TAKE that money...every penny and it just get put where it can do the most good. Oh and that minimum wage argument. After all this bullshit that wage now should be doubled for all the people who didn't get to quarantine and kept the Frosted motherfucking flakes on your motherfucking table, which is really a picnic table in front of you double wide. I feel like i live in a world where only the most stupid get to make the most important decisions. Now please, someone, tell me, what have you learned?? WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Rant on, Cal, rant on!

bigjeffoh said...

You are so right. Rand Paul needs a kick in the ass! How are we cursed with such a Confederacy of Dunces at the worst possible time?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's just such a joke. I can't wait to read the history of these times that we all have endured.