Tuesday, March 9, 2021

My Reflections On WandaVision

I liked that this was a great story of one woman's grief and that is all. To read the fan fiction you would think a hundred characters were going to show up from Marvel history. This was none of that. It's the story of one Marvel hero, a woman with extraordinary HEX powers with the ability to change reality. They also fixed the 'dead Vision' problem so we can all move forward. I loved this series even more looking back at what they made vs expectations of what all of us wanted the show to be.

Someone asked another Facebook friend if she would enjoy WandaVision since she is not into the minutia of Marvel Comics from the 80 when Wanda and Vision had many issues dedicated to their relationship as a mutant and android. They even had children back then who were eventually to be revealed to be something other than we all believed them to be.

With the death of Vision in Avengers - Infinity War, I wondered how even a series called WandaVision could exist knowing that there is no Vision anymore. So they had to bring him back. That was where I got worried. If his RETURN wasn't as interesting as his DEATH then I would bail quick and the first of the great new Marvel TV shows would maybe have ended in that moment.

However the creators started with a great story that kept me invested by all the Easter eggs they sprinkled thought the show and the both the opening and end credits. There was always a mid-credit scene revealed more information - or did it? I am started to think those were just distractions to keep us away from the truth.

The net was full of fan theories which were so good that even I bought into them, most of all never paid off. That should teach me a lesson. A show that doesn't reveal his secrets like it should will always promote this kind of speculation.

I am still mad at myself for thinking the Bee Keeper was SWARM, one of my favorite Marvel bad guys. I should just avoid fan fiction with a show like this. Most fan theories never pay off and this show is a textbook about how to do that right. Keep interest by not revealing all your secrets to the audience.

And only show the episodes once a week so we can actually care about program and not just devour it in a weekend.

Believe in your story and the fans will come to you in the end and this is why I loved WandaVision. I was surprised by the show is so many more ways when I let go of my own speculations and just enjoyed what they were giving me. In the end I was very satisfied with how everything turned out.

Now we have these characters back in the MCU in whatever way they choose to use them in the future and for me that is a good thing.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I enjoyed it too. Wanda and Vision are not my fave Avengers and so I was anticipating a "meh" reaction to this show, the least of the new Disney+ series that I am looking forward to. But it was very well done, with some excellent dramatic moments, and an emotionally sophisticated script. The acting was uniformly good and it was great to see minor characters revisited with bigger roles in this series, like Darcy (always a sassy fave of mine). Plus Marvel didn't skimp on the special effects just because it was a series and not a big blockbuster movie, which was another plus.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yup. You got it just right and I would tell the same thing to a person that doesn't know Marvel minutia like I do. Darcy should show up in every series in some way. The new Stan Lee of the TV shows.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a great idea! A cameo for Darcy in every series and movie!