Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Always Room For Batgirl, Even Several Day Early

This is bad because I have already weeded the garden and put out the recyclebles, cans, garbage and paper. I also sat in my swinging chair drinking mink jelups and conplaining about the yard staff - young immigrant workers because we have that paid for by veterans affairs. I found some weeds this morning coming through the cracks in the stone. Those have got to go. I didn't even have to tell them what my feelings were about those weeds because Thursday is the day they show up. I am even two days early for the help. This is not good.

And the guys supposed to do the cement work and painting the trim should start before Calgary Stampede so my Mom can come home and find it all finished. That was the idea anyways. I interviewed three contractors who gave roughly the same quotes for all the work that needed to be done. I can pay it, I just want to right guy to do what I care not too and do a good job aside.

So this is what I sit and worry about how as I worry about how much I need to empty my batgirl file so those are going to be included with this post in an unrelated way.

That's right, ladies. You never know just what I am going to say or do. I am like a rebel...a 'bad boy' someone they call in to do the 'dirty work' in entertainment thought I refuse to work BLUE, as you know.

All the still air and dark gloomy skies are killing me this week. I need to go nuts in the bed bug section of Walmart because it's the most colorful place in the store.

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