Saturday, June 30, 2012

Retrospace Yearbook Photos

Retrospace has been killing me lately with his School Daze posts. The genius has gone and found yearbook pictures of senior students and finds the ones with the best comments accompanying the pictures. It's too good a bit for me to let go so I will steal a few from him occassionally to hightlight at the Cave of Cool.

This first strip is priceless. Bob seems like my kind of guy. Knows what he wants and goes for it and is not ashamed to defend his choice with other who might not feel the same way he does about BUSH (not the Presidents).

I suspect that Laura found him disgusting and Teresa hung out with him just because he could get his brother's van sometimes on the weekend. Go HERE to find the rest of the Retrospace goodness.


Anonymous said...

Laura looks like a frigid bitch who doesn't put out whereas Teresa's got that girl next door vibe. She was probably a cheerleader, just look at that tan.

ronnwaters said...

When I saw this I thought i recognized these people. Pulled out the highschool year books, and yep, I went to school with those people.
Darned funny!

Happy Canada Day!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

ha ha :D yeah, Teresa looks more fun to me

Kal said...

That is too funny that you went to school with them ron. Was at your site and I loved looking at your work on those guitars. Bringing them back to life is a gift to the world.