Friday, June 29, 2012

What Will Happen To Their Demon Spawn Now?

You all thought the exact same thing when you heard the news. I understand that Katie is going for sole custody of that dear sweet antichrist of a horror show that their union created. That almost never happens especially for someone like Cruise - I mean sure he's a wingnut with wingnut beliefs but he's actually a better child custodian than say...Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen. If those trainwrecks get time with their kids then giving Cruise his chance to be a good father is a no-brainer. I am just concerned with all the goofy ideas he is stuffing into his daughter's head.

Suri will be groomed to lead Scientology one day and with the resources under it's command, that is a scary preposition. This child has never set right with me. I see her the same way lesser beasts do. When dogs or horses or birds were around her or Damien, they either ran for fear or were killed or co-opted by the evil. Who knows what damage Suri can do with her outstretched hands?

I would love to hear Katie tell the truth about everything she experienced with Mr Scientology. What do you think she discovered? I bet it's some movie that shows how Tom plans to turn his child into the harbinger of our doom complete with golden suit of armor and real angel wings. He's just enough of a prick to unleash somthing like this on the rest of us purely out of spite. 

He thinks he's got me to be his friend with a few good movies like Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol but I am really just watching him a lot closer. He will put his master plan into operation one day and we all need to be ready for that inevitibility so stock your basements with water, canned peaces, pornography and a futon that doubles as a couch during the day. You will appreciate the extra seating space when things get tight in the survival bunker.


Unknown said...

don't they have to give suri back to her real parents, much like connor from the show angel? think about it too what happened to rosemary's baby? this would have not happened if rock of ages was a hit, not a pile of washed out wanna-bees.

Kal said...

Suri is too powerful now to be left without supervision. I hear she's be levitating the cat with just her mind.