Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesdays From The Toolbox

These mini amer-com figures are just as colorful and beautifully sclulpted as their larger vinyle cousins. Donna Troy, Cheetah and WonderWoman in the next set. The are in the perfect place on top of my monitor so I can stare at them all day long.

These two are on my bucket list. The Birds of Prey set with Huntress, Black Canary and Barbara Gordon as Oracle and of course Jaina Solo, the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. The Kotobukiya figures are beautiful vinyl statues. The details and paintjobs are remarkable.

These Marxx figures always smelled so great out of the package and used the softest plastic around. The characters each came with a dozen or more accessories like multiple weapons and even coffee pots with lids. Marxx also was one of the first companies to make figures with colored skins. The animals and vehicles were also especially well done. I have many of the reproductions from a decade ago. Original Marxx figures in their boxes are expensive to acquire but worth it in their complete form.

Anything Evel Knievel related is cool and I need to find me this set. It doesn't look as great as you would think it does in reality but I need something for my Stunt Cycle to jump over. I wish my nephew could spend his vacation here. His head would explode with all the toys he and I could into. But of course our Canadian summer is there Australian winter so he is in school right now.

Threat pets. 'nuff said

The new stylish modern version of the character and costume of Spider-Man just arrived too. I am passing on the Lizard figure because he doesn't come with purple pants and ripped labcoat. He's just another monster to me after that. His identity tag on the ripped jacket is the distraction that reminds/distracts Peter into remembering that Dr Connors is a friend. The same thing doesn't go through one's mind when being slashed by some naked lizard.


DrGoat said...

Totally neat stuff. Marx made great stuff when I was a kid. I think Mattel, Marx and Ideal made most of the stuff I had. Tamer.com figures are great. They look good next to your Mom and Dad.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am downloading a whole mess of toy commercials from all those companies right now.

Kal said...

I would love to see more pictures of your collection Brother G. There would be stuff in there to make my head explode no doubt.